Startup Workshops Berlin

Germany, Berlin
Amapola Coworking Scharnhorststraße 24, Berlin 10115 DE

A wildly useful & practical workshop for women to get smarter, stronger and more successful in handling meetings, sales calls and business pitches.

How do you let the world know that your work / business / product are great?

Speaking well is the only way –

• to letting everyone know how good your work is,

• to influencing,

• to inspiring customers,

• to winning their love & trust,

• to pitching yourself.


That is why, what you speak and how you speak really, really matters. It makes all the difference.


This workshop is for women to learn:

• The art of speaking with personality and passion.

• Delivering killer presentations, pitches and sales calls

• Speak influentially, even without preparation.

• Winning everyone’s confidence

• Managing sales calls with ease, grace and dignity.

• Pitching your business & ideas to anyone

In this workshop you will learn to really work on the structures that work on the power of pitching and speaking in business, and how women can do it too.

You will learn how to do all of it gracefully. 

23. July 2016 10:00

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