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With Spryker we launched a new commerce framework based on Silex and Symfony2 bundles. The approach is to provide a modern architecture which ships with a set of reference implementations for the most common use cases. Every single feature can be extended or, if needed, replaced by a more specific solution. Instead of bulky generic code, Spryker provides a lean architecture and clean code. Therefor we are looking for you in our Berlin office as a:

Senior PHP Developer

Why we are different? – 5 reasons to work at Spryker

(1) We are open-minded for new technologies and we use them when it makes sense.
(2) We are 100% pragmatic. You’ll work in an agile environment with frequent architecture talks, but without eternal planning meetings.
(3) We know about the benefits of SOLID and Clean Code and make use of it!

(4) We are not afraid of huge architectural challenges. Read more about our approach on our

(5) We belief in a strong interdisciplinary teamwork of development, business-intelligence, marketing and operations.

Our requirements:

●  Senior-level expertise and passion for coding with PHP

●  Knowledge about professional software engineering
e.g. SOLID-principles, Clean Code, Separation of Concerns

●  Working experience with standard frameworks like Zend, Symphony, Laravel or others

Our technology stack:
Beside our basic requirements you should feel comfortable with our technology stack. We do not expect that you are an expert in all fields, but some of them should be familiar to you.
Backend: PHP 5.6, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Twig, Silex, Composer, Git Frontend: Javascript, AngularJS, Gulp
System: Vagrant, Saltstack

Are you willing to be part of an expert team?
We are looking forward to your online application at

Kerstin Dannebnerg

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