Mit reichlich Eigeninitiative halte ich Ihnen den Rücken frei – immer flexibel und auf Zack!
Ob als Vertriebsassistenz, im Projektmanagement oder als Privatsekretärin,
rund um die Uhr als ihre Assistenz auf Abruf –

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Konzentrieren Sie sich auf Ihr Kerngeschäft. Ihre MONEYPENNY erledigt den Rest.


We are the startup experts company Gera-IT. Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. We build startups from the technical side since 2006 and have already grown 3 multi-million dollars software companies together with our clients.

Happy to help you to succeed with yours.


Nach einem abgeschlossenen Bachelorstudium mit fachlicher Ausrichtung “Handelsmanagement” befinde ich mich aktuell in meinem Masterstudium mit fachlicher Ausrichtung “Risikomanagement”.

In diesem Bereich biete ich Beratungsleistungen an. Speziell in dem Bereich Strategieentwicklung.

Skylishop Gesellschaft ist ein führendes Unternehmen von blockieren Funkfrequenzen Ausrüstungsindustrie . Die Qualität aller unserer Produkte ist die oberste Priorität für uns. Unsere Produkte werden eigens für Sie produziert und erfüllen den höchsten Qualitätsstandard.

Wir bieten unvergleichliche professionellen Service und Beratung für unsere persönliche und kommerzielle Produkte. Viele Jahre Erfahrung in der Branche die Spezialisten macht uns Sie vertrauen können. Wir sind ein Entwickler, Hersteller und Händler von Störsender und Kleine Kamera. umfassen GPS Blocker, WLAN Jammer, Handyblocker,Wireless Video Jammer, usw.


I craft topics and stories and then send them through the right channels to the living environments of the people that are your (future) clients.

After working for many years as a public relations senior manager and director in agencies and corporations I now consult and support brands and companies with my competency, experience and trained sense for trends and digital change in the media landscape.

Combined with creative thinking “outside the lines” I constantly aim to develop future-proof communications.

strong textA relevant story is the foundation of good communication with the clients of any brand and corporation. In the form of storytelling and content marketing this idea has made its ways to the top of the marketing agenda — yet for me as a “born and raised” PR person it has always been the essence of my work.

Depending on company or product the stories differ and so does the way to the clients. Today digital channels are almost always the first choice— via social or online media or digital influencers. But the classic channels such as print, radio, TV can be of similar relevance. I combine experience and expertise in both.

Within the shark tank of the attention economy a story only survives if it is relevant for the recipients. Shouting out loud might give you a short moment of attention, but only if you have something more profoundly to say you will actually win your clients over. Earned media is highly credible and thus especially relevant.

I combine strategic excellence with creativity and focus my view to the future. This enables me to support especially upcoming and young brands and companies on finding their way to a state-of-the-art communication.

With my network of communications professionals, designers and creatives I am able to serve as a virtual agency for temporary projects as well as long-term consultancy. Flexible, efficient and tailored to your needs.


Wir bieten hochklassige Marketing Beratung (international)
in den folgenden Kategorien an:

Luxus Marketing
Mode Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
China Marketing

Tel: 0162 39 87 036

Office Services Provider
Office Supplies
Coffee Supplies

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