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A meet-up event in the framework of ESA‘s Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) Programme

The Internet, created to provide resilient and interoperable communication across the globe, has evolved to transport today an immensurable amount of data and this continuing evolution will greatly impact many areas from industry to health care provision, to traffic management and intelligent logistics.

During the last decade, the following trends have emerged as part of what we call “Future Internet”: the tactile internet, the physical internet, the internet of people and internet of free speech. Applications using these technologies are growing at a fast pace and spreading through a large variety of sectors and industries. The implications to society and applications for specific industries – including banking and finance, connected driving, utilities, transport, media and creative industry – are limitless.

The Future Internet services requires the use of innovative ways of combining geo-referenced data with satellite derived data as open data, businesses data and volunteered data. Satellite communications and 5G networks underpin these applications providing ubiquitous connectivity and data relay capability. Exploitation of space-based assets data opens therefore new opportunities to develop applications related to the “Future Internet”.

Currently ESA has published a Kick-Start Activity on “Future Internet” and offers to successful applicants financial support of up to 60.000 € for the implementation of a feasibility study. ESA’s BASS programme supports also startups proposing innovative project ideas integrating at least one space asset such as satellite communication, satellite navigation, earth observation, etc. The programme allows companies to keep the pace in the market and to develop commercially-viable businesses with follow-up support in the form of demonstration projects.

The meet-up event will

  • introduce ESA‘s BASS programme, its enhancements and opportunities for startups,
  • explain the roles of the involved stakeholders,
  • present ESA’s Kick-Start Activity on „Future Internet“,
  • point out the support provided by the German ESA BA Ambassador as well as
  • give the opportunity to discuss first project ideas and meet relevant stakeholders.

The language of the event is English and the participation is free of charge. As the number of participants is limited, registration is based on a “first come, first served” basis.

This meet-up event is organized in the framework of ESA’s Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) Programme represented by the German ESA BA Ambassador, located at bavAIRia e.V., in cooperation with the DLR Space Administration and hub:raum.

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21 Winterfeldtstraße , Berlin, Berlin 10781, Germany
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