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Learn the 6-step process to gain traction and de-risk execution for your startup, and do an exercise to identify and prioritize the business model assumptions you should test.

Why is getting traction and finding real product-market fit challenging? Mainly because navigating the uncertainties of growth is risky and overwhelming. That’s why it feels like playing Russian roulette.

The data is clear. It shows that companies using regular methodologies will be disappointed. So then:

  • How do you get faster traction and achieve product-market?
  • How do you identify and prioritize opportunities at scale?
  • What’s the best system to constantly test your business model assumptions?

In this talk and PRACTICAL workshop with Javier from LEANcrush you’ll:

  1. Learn the the strategies to overcome the top mistakes startups make when searching for a winning business model. You’ll learn the 6-steps of Lean Testing with theory and case studies, learnt from his +12 years working as an entrepreneur, deal flow manager and product/CRO expert with high growth startups.
  2. Do HANDS-ON EXERCISE to identify and prioritize the critical business assumptions for your testing roadmap.

For C-Level, Product or Growth teams in startups looking for faster growth/traction. Also if you’re testing for product-market or business model fit with your venture.

17:45–18:00: Arrival
18:00–18:45: TALK: reduce your Business Model Risk with Lean Testing
18:45–19:15: EXERCISE: identifying risk with Assumptions Mapping
19:15 – … Beers & Talks

Javier is an entrepreneur and lean product innovation expert. After a stay at Wunderlist, he founded Proudsugar and helped high growth businesses increase conversion rates and retention for 7 years. Projects include (acq. Viacom), Moviepilot (acq. Webedia),, (acq. Threadless). He now runs LEANcrush, helping startups and corporate ventures to launch, test and discover scalable business models with lean innovation and discovery-driven growth.

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123 Stresemannstraße , Berlin, Berlin 10963, DE
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