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3 May, 09.00 h – 12.00 h

  • Developing a “magazine mentality”
  • Values and viewpoints: the story before the story
  • How to create engaging sustainability conversations

Sustainability has become a buzzword. The more everyone is talking about it, the more it is a challenge to be heard for those to whom sustainability really matters.

Sustainability is no longer only of interest to niche stakeholders, but has become a must for any organization. Consumers have high demands on businesses to adhere to strict standards of sustainability.

For you who work for the common good this poses an intriguing opportunity of communicating values and viewpoints to a large audience, and a thorny problem of how to do exactly that in an engaging, compelling manner.

In our three hours workshop, you will learn how to develop authentic and sharable stories on the topics that matter to you and how to choose effective channels to communicate them.

„The one that tells the story rules the World.” Proverb of the Hopi-Indians

The workshop addresses social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and interested individuals.

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3 Demminer Straße , Berlin, Berlin 13355, Germany
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