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Ihr sucht Mitstreiter für euer Start-up? Oder möchtet bei einer spannenden Start-up-Idee mitwirken?

Dann ist das Gründer- Speedmatching der Uni Potsdam gemeinsam mit Axel Springer Plug and Play genau das Richtige für euch.

Was?  Start-ups und Potentials sitzen sich gegenüber, können sich präsentieren und Fragen stellen … bis der Gong ertönt. Dann gibt es die nächste Chance! Anschließend klingt der Abend gemeinsam bei Essen & Trinken aus.
Wann?  01.12.2015
Wo?  Penthouse-Unternehmer­club bei Axel Springer Plug and Play, Markgrafenstraße 12–14, 10969 Berlin

Neugierig? Dann bis zum 15.11.2015 anmelden unter:

Conscious FinTech #2 – The Ethics of Blockchain

Lecture by Brett Scott (campaigner, former broker, journalist) on political and societal implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – in fintech and beyond.

Scott wrote: “There is an excitable mix of techno-babble infused with social claims.” Join our discussion beyond this babble and share your thoughts on blockchain technology.

About Brett Scott:

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A lot of entrepreneurs find their businesses shipwrecked due to incorrect or insufficient financial planning. To help you manage your business finances successfully, Debitoor & Coworking Space St. Oberholz are staging a joint workshop:

Professional accounting for entrepreneuers

Learn how to become a professional manager of your finances. In our workshop, we provide you with all relevant knowledge concerning invoicing & accounting principles in Germany. Plus: You’ll work through some practical excersises – so best bring your calculator along.

Special: You have more questions? Accountant Markus will answer all of your individual questions after the workshop. Take the chance!


Factory Berlin and Google for Entrepreneurs partnered up to bring you a series of workshops and lectures aimed to help your startup scale.

You are thinking about entering the online video business? You are considering YouTube as your platform to distribute videos and earn revenues?

This workshop will give you an overview of YouTube and the creative ecosystem behind it. It will help you to understand YouTube’s and it’s partners business models. Our mentor, Andreas Briese, Youtube Partnerships at Google, will provide you with strategic business insights to assess your own plans.

This workshop is specifically for online video creators, production/ distribution companies and startups focusing on online video.

Berlin meets Beirut
Delegation trip by startup connect | enpact

We bring you to the young, open and vibrant startup scene of Beirut!

Beirut is rapidly shaping up to be the powerhouse for startups in the Middle East with a highly entrepreneurial culture, favorable policies and great access to growth funding. Let’s together find out how Beirut is uniquely poised to generate promising startups, which aim both at the Arab world and the world at large.

We are going attend the ArabNet conference and get to know exciting startups, investors and co-working spaces in Beirut to use the chance and expand our networks and businesses!

Our partners:

ArabNet Conference / the longest running digital event in the Levant
ZRE & Berytech / the team behind Beirut Digital District
IM Capital / a VC with a twist
Leap VC / a growth stage VC formed by team of serial entrepreneurs
Speed Lebanon / a young accelerator program for high quality startups
Innovation Factory Beirut / a co-working space bringing craftsmen and startups together

When: 20th-25th February 2017
Where: Beirut, Lebanon
Who: a group of 20-30 inspiring entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Berlin
Cost contribution: 250,- Euro (incl. conference ticket and program)

For more information visit:

27.04.17, 17:30-19:00


GoGetDo lead a discussion on how technology is changing our relations and breaks barriers to strangers. They’ll be talking about a new trust framework emerging – fuelled by social, economic and technological forces that will profoundly change not just how we are trusted but who we trust.

Joining GoGetDo on stage will be Christian Scholz from Skyrocketman (

More about GoGetDo…

GoGetDo, get all your chores done today.

GoGetDo connects you with your neighbours to share and use your skills.

Start posting as a GoSetter to get your bed assembled, internet fixed, lunch delivered, couch moved, help with your taxes, or your basement cleaned once and for all. GoGetDo connects you to certified professionals and ordinary people who want to help, but they let you decide who is right for the job as GoGetDo think that the only person who should make that call is you.

We look forward seeing you there! No RSVP – just turn up. Beers and popcorn provided ☺

venue: Mindspace Berlin-Mitte, Friedrichstraße 68, Berlin 10117

JOIN CLYC and the Co-Found Berlin community at Sankt Oberholz: Zehdenicker Str. 1, 10119 Berlin For an exclusive TECH OPEN AIR event with an evening of drinks and networking while we introduce our CLYC product for you to test and enjoy for the very first time.
Visit our website at: for more information and to see our new video.

To the FIRST 50 people that register, We will give our CLYC PIN away for FREE, so…

PLEASE NOTE: This is an exclusive community event only and we will have limited space available, We do have a guestlist and will be on a fist come, first serve basis. ( YOU must be present to pick up your free pin )

We look forward to seeing You all very soon


1 day, 2 cities, 20+ startup stars: industry leaders, investors, and maybe even your future co-founder — Register Now For FREE Entry

Berlin, On April 8, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, the official representative of Hungarian culture in Berlin, joint with the SM Conference Series brings on SMartUP! Berlin-Budapest (, an experimental conference and a virtual bridge between the startup scenes of the two European capitals. By connecting the venues of the conferences, id. streaming keynotes from and to the SM2015 leading CEE mobile/startup conference SM 2015 ( in Budapest, the organizers aim to create knowledge transfer.

The Berlin and the Budapest scenes share many features, yet their startup ecosystems may be very different. Definitely abundant in creative energy, both scenes have their unique investment culture, company culture, and views on market potentials. Let us see, if the two communities can learn from each other and if Silicon Alley can have a longer stretch!

The program of the Berlin meetup, put together under the curation of hub:raum and T-Labs, is now . We will hear stories from both scenes and views from elsewhere from authentic representatives of Berlin and Budapest based startups (Prezi, GetYourGuide, Flimmer, BorStore, Silicon Allee, etc.) and investors as well as about outreach programs making the B-ties even stronger.

The main topics of the Berlin conference are the following:

Berlin-Budapest Bridge

With a stronger-than-ever performer base, we are looking for an answer to the question ‘How can international partner connections be set up?’ and ‘How can prevalence be reached in the global market?’. We introduce Hungary and Berlin based startups with regards to already existing and possible connections between the two scenes.

Company Culture

Company culture means everything for a startup. It can affect the talent they attract, the customer base they work with, their brand reputation, and even their product itself. The multinational tech giants from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley (Berlin) have struggled with creating company culture for years, but what about fledgling startups?

Investment Trends

There are two big forces driving change in startup funding: it’s becoming cheaper to start a startup, and startups are becoming a more normal thing to do. But, how is it done differently in Berlin and Budapest and what does it mean for investors?

Art Connections

Art and startups share two passions: sharing and creativity; however, they profit quite differently from these objectives. While financing such collaborative, project-based works, which avoid narrow categorization, through means other than public funding for art promotion has become difficult, startups continue to successfully collect large amounts of venture capital. How can we understand, describe, critique and perhaps overcome this unequal relationship between art and startups?

If you have a topic relating to bringing the two scenes together, do contact us.

Attendance is free, register for the conference at our website:

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Sales Hacker 2016 in Berlin ist Teil der internationalen Sales Hacker Conference Reihe mit Ursprung in San Francisco. Hier kommen die wahren Helden der Sales Branche zusammen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben mit ihren Strategien und Techniken sowie raffinierten Hacks den Salesprozess zu knacken und diese zu teilen, um der Sales Community und der Startup-Szene etwas zugeben. Jeder soll die vorgestellten Hacks in sein Unternehmen implementieren können. Kein Grundlagengeschwafel – die volle Dosis Wissen. Dieses Jahr in Berlin kommt u.a. Richard Harris aus San Francisco, Head of Sales der Sales Hacker, Inc., Besitzer der The Harris Consulting Group.

Event description

Sales Hacker 2016 in Berlin is part of the international Sales Hacker Conference originated in San Francisco. The idea is to bring together sales people that are attacking different areas of the sales process with unique tactics and strategies as well as cutting edge hacks. These are the real heroes that are willing to share their experience with the sales community so attendees can go home and implement the same hacks into their growing business. No basic talks – only value bombs. One of the Speaker this year is Richard Harris from San Francisco, Head of Sales at Sales Hacker, Inc., owner of The Harris Consulting Group.

The Sales Hacker Series will bring together sales people that are on the front lines of their companies and actually doing the dirty work. We will deep dive into actionable tactics and strategies that are being deployed by proven sales teams at some of the fastest growing startups.

Our meetup is focused on sales development. We have three of the best in the business showcasing their processes, tools, and strategies in an actionable manner, so you can go ahead and implement it the same way at your company. You will learn, for example:

  • Outbound vs. Inbound rhythm
  • How to negotiate
  • Trial & error – What did not work out

So come hang out with other sales people focused on sales automation and building sales process at their startups, and learn something new, network, recruit, eat/drink, and have fun!

Inventorum GmbH 4. OG, Voltastraße 5, 13355 Berlin

Erhalte wertvolle Tipps in entspannter Runde – Netzwerken, Bier und Austauschen inklusive.

Wir, das Team von INVENTORUM, laden Jungunternehmer aller Branchen des Einzelhandels zu einem kostenlosen Get Together ein. Im Mittelpunkt des Abends stehen die kommenden Regelungen der Registrierkassenpflicht/GoBD und wie ein Kassensystem deine Buchhaltung erleichtern kann. Nebenbei triffst du Fachexperten und spannende Leute zum Netzwerken.

Die Highlights:

Expertenvortrag der KPMG

Kassensystem & Buchhaltung in Aktion

Berliner Jungunternehmer mit Netzwerk-Knowhow

  • ab 18:00 Uhr Einlass & Begrüßung
  • 18:30 bis 19:00 Uhr Zukunftsmusik – Gesetzeslage ab 2017 und Änderungen Registrierkassen- pflicht/GoBD (Andreas Chorosis, KPMG, Wirtschaftsprüfer/Manager Tax)
  • 19:00 bis 19:30 Uhr Kassensystem vs. GoBD – Anforderungen und Lösungen im Live-Test
    (Yasin Karadag, Berater-Team INVENTORUM)
  • ab 19:30 Essen, Trinken, Austauschen!

Wann: Dienstag02. August 2016, ab 18:00 Uhr

Wo: Inventorum GmbH, Voltastraße 5, Gebäude 10, Aufzug 6, 4. OG, 13355 Berlin

Mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln: U5 Ausstieg Voltastraße, Eingang über Hausnummer 5, zweiter Hinterhof. Kostenlose Parkplätze finden Sie in der Voltastraße und näheren Umgebung, auf dem Gelände können Sie 2h kostenlos parken (2€ ab der 3h), Einfahrt über Voltastraße 6 (Deutsche Welle).

Wir freuen uns auf dich! Besuche uns auch auf Facebook.


Für die kostenlose Anmeldung:



Irish early stage investment company Lucey Fund is looking for startups!

The Lucey Fund is leading the wave of very early stage Tech Angel investing and have invested in 80+ startups in the past 3 years, 30 of which were in the past 12 months, with plans to make 50+ in 2016. We are seeking new investment opportunities at Betahaus, come meet the Founder Ian Lucey and tell us more about your startup!

At the meeting, Ian will share hints on how to manage finance, get funding and what is the first thing entrepreneurs should do when founding a startup.

Schedule of the event:

1:00 PM — 1:30 PM Gathering

1:30 PM — 2:30 PM Q&A with Ian Lucey

2:30 PM — 3:00 PM Networking

RSVP here

Steuererklärung Kopie.jpg

Welche Formulare muss ich ausfüllen? Und wie funktioniert das mit der EÜR? Die Steuererklärung ist für Gründer oft eine große Hürde. Aber keine Sorge: Wir schaffen Abhilfe und erklären dir, wie du deine Steuererklärung als Gründer professionell erledigst.

Viele Gründungen scheitern an einer falschen Finanzplanung. Damit dir das nicht passiert, informieren wir dich in unseren kostenlosen Meetups über alle wichtigen Finanzthemen für Gründer.

Unser Thema dieses Mal:

Gewusst wie: So erledigst du deine Steuererklärung als Gründer

Melde dich zu unserem kostenlosen Meetup für Gründer am 17. November um 18:00 an – und erfahre, wie du deine Steuererklärung Schritt für Schritt erledigst. Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit der Gründerwoche Deutschland statt.

PS.: Für Getränke und Snacks ist natürlich gesorgt.

PPS.: Du hast am 17. November keine Zeit? Kein Problem: Das Meetup findet auch noch einmal am 18. November um 16:00 Uhr statt.

Join our CEO for a chat at WeWork Hackescher Markt on April 6th.

Ian will share hints on how to manage finance, get funding and what is the first thing entrepreneurs should do when founding a startup. You can ask him any questions about building your own company, get a consultation from founder of a fund that invested in 100+ companies.

Schedule of the event:

6:00 PM — 6:30 PM Snacks, drinks

6:30 PM — 7:30 PM Q&A with Ian Lucey

7:30 PM — 8:00 PM Networking

The Lucey Fund is leading the wave of very early stage Tech Angel investing and have invested in 100+ startups in the past 3 years, 30 of which were in the past 12 months, with plans to make 40+ in 2017. We are seeking new investment opportunities at WeWork, come meet the Founder Ian Lucey and tell us more about your startup!

Are you a cutting edge startup that can transform the future of travel and hospitality? Marriott Hotels, The Place and The Trampery invite you to the Berlin Launch Event of TestBED 2017!

TestBED, Marriott Hotels’ accelerator programme, aims to find cutting edge technologies that can transform its guests’ experience.

This year Marriott Hotels are looking for startups focusing on:

  1. Enhancing Marriott Hotels’ in-room experience
  2. Transforming the overall guest experience, in and outside the hotels
  3. Helping guests discover a ‘headspace’, achieving a relaxed state of mind during their stay with Marriott Hotels


18:00 Open – drinks

18:45 Welcome – General Manager, The Place

18:50 Traveltech in Europe: Will Mercer (Head of Strategy, Traveltech Lab, London)

19:00 Working with hotels: A startup’s perspective

19:15 Launch of TestBED 2017 – Guy Kedar (TestBED Programme Director)

19:30 Q&A

19:45 Networking

RSVP via the link below:
Marriott TestBED Berlin Launch


OVH ist mit seiner World Tour am 15.Oktober zu Gast in Berlin. Bei der Veranstaltung stellen Experten von OVH in Vorträgen und Workshops praxisnahe Lösungen vor. Neben OpenStack, Docker und Big Data steht dabei vor allem die innovative Hybrid Cloud-Technologie im Vordergrund. Im Best-Practice-Teil erklärt Villeroy & Boch, wie ihr E-Business-Modell in die Hybrid Cloud-Technologie migriert wurde.
Des Weiteren referiert das erfolgreiche Startup LiquidM über mobile marketing-Lösungen und zeigt wie ihre Kunden damit die Reichweite ihrer Kampagnen maximieren können.
Darüber hinaus sprechen CEO Laurent Allard und Director Germany Peter Höhn in der Keynote über ihre Visionen für OVH. Laurent Allard steht im VIP-Bereich für Fragen zur Verfügung.



Am 4.7.2016 geht die MIT:FUTURA im KOSMOS Berlin in die zweite Runde. Leitthema INNOVATION INTERACTION. 600 Gäste aus Mittelstand, Startup, Forschung, Politik, Wirtschaft, Verbände, VC, Institutionen und Hochschulen.  Themen: Innovation, Disruption, digitale Transformation, old meets new economy. Es wird einen Startup Pitch geben, Bewerbungen sind noch möglich. Zum ersten Mal findet ein SWITCH PITCH statt. Etablierte Unternehmen stellen sich einer Startup-Jury und dem Publikum und werden auf ihre Innovationsfähigkeit bewertet. Weitere Programmpunkte: Innovations-Boards, Elefantenrunde mit hochkarätigen Speakern und After-Talk-Party. Eintritt für die ersten 300 Anmeldungen frei! Ticket sichern unter:



Factory Berlin and Google for Entrepreneurs partnered up to bring you a series of workshops and lectures aimed to help your startup scale.


Jeni Fisher from Google Play Partnerships will talk you through some insights from the Playbook app, a new tool featuring tips and best practices for app and game developers.


These insights will focus on how to build high quality apps, optimize your app for retention, grow your user base and make money from users all around the world.

Our Mentor is an Apps Business Development Manager based in London, working closely with top app developers to drive success on Google Play. Jeni started working for Google Play almost four years ago, previously working as a Lead Merchandiser at Amazon.


Factory Berlin and Google for Entrepreneurs partnered up to bring you a series of workshops and lectures aimed to help your startup scale.

Julia Schmitt is a video- and brand marketing specialist focused on YouTube products. Before joining Google, she was working for companies such as Pro7Sat.1 Media and Rocket Internet helping them to uncover new business potentials in brand marketing.

This workshop is designed for both, early stage startups and mature companies considering to set foot in online video marketing and aims to answer the key questions about the effectiveness and efficiency of online video marketing.

Yes, you’ve made it! Do you feel this gratitude for all your accomplishments and learning? It might have been heard, but you’ve made it! Give yourself a big hug!

Time to look back at this year with self-compassion and love surrounded by supportive and courageous community of like-minded female founders, entrepreneurs and fans in a magic Christmas atmosphere. In order to unlock your true success and bring your business and life to the next level in 2017 we need to learn the habit of self-compassion!

Did you know the state of our  business and life is a direct reflection of our self-compassion and love? It means being warm, gentle and understanding towards yourself when confronted with painful experiences. Entrepreneurship is risky adventure with marked ups and downs, that’s why lack of self-compassion could be a dangerous success killer.  Our invited speaker Kaja Otto, fulfillment and business coach and expert for feminine leadership will embrace the knowledge of how you can transfer your life and reach more success through self-compassion in 2017.

We also want to hear your voice! Be sure to grab the chance of an open mic, tell the audience about yourself, or ask for help. Networking with like-minded and dedicated people is always refreshing energizing!

Wow, snacks and 3 free drinks are also included? Yes! Looking forward to seeing you, amazing people at our Christmas edition and celebrate together tour great in 2017!

FAQ: Can men join? Of course, we are excited to have you with us.

Organizer: This event is organized by WEFOUND COMMUNITY, the  global supportive community for female founders, entrepreneurs and fans who want to make a difference.


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