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Commonly, exponential growth means explosive growth, it means that things increase in an uncontrolled way. This intuitive understanding comes from examples we know from biology: Bacteria exhibit exponential growth under optimal conditions. As a consequence the term „exponential“ often has a disquieting connotation.

When it comes to the significance of exponential growth for human activities we need to talk about accelerating technological change. In the technological arena accelerating change means an increase in technological (and often also social and cultural) progress throughout history, which may suggest a faster and more profound change in the future. 10.000 years of progress – at today’s pace – will now be experienced in just 50 years due to the exponential rate of change. 

Futurists like Ray Kurzweil have created the notion of a technological singularity and a scenario for the future: Accelerating change will lead to artificial intelligence that exceeds human intelligence. By 2015, a $1000 computer will have the same calculation power per second as the brain of a mouse. 2023 will see it equal to the power of human brain. In 2045 it will be equate to the power of ALL human brains combined. Similar exponential developments await us in the areas of robotics, nanotechnology or synthetic biology.

We want to explore where and how exponential change happens and what it will lead to. Which future will exponential change create for us? What are the implications these advances will have on society? What is the future role of humans in this brave new world? Is there a limit for exponential growth?

Join us at TEDxBerlin!

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Ihr sucht Mitstreiter für euer Start-up? Oder möchtet bei einer spannenden Start-up-Idee mitwirken?

Dann ist das Gründer- Speedmatching der Uni Potsdam gemeinsam mit dem GTEC-German Tech Entrepreneurship Center genau das Richtige für euch.

Was?  Start-ups und Potentials sitzen sich gegenüber, können sich präsentieren und Fragen stellen … bis der Gong ertönt. Dann gibt es die nächste Chance! Anschließend klingt der Abend gemeinsam bei Essen & Trinken aus.
Wann?  28.04.2016
Wo?  Roof Up Coworking, Akazienstraße 3, 10823 Berlin

Neugierig? Dann bis zum 06.04.2016 anmelden unter:


Factory Berlin and Google for Entrepreneurs partnered up to bring you a series of workshops and lectures aimed to help your startup scale.


With this session, we would like to share some best practices on feed-based marketing. We will offer an overview of strategies, tools and products for promoting products via feeds.


Our mentor, Bianca Dennstedt, New Business Sales Representative at Google, will show solutions on how to promote physical products online and how to drive Online-to-Store sales.


Join us next Wednesday with Happy Strappy,,Strong fitness cosmetics, Femna, Venture Ladies & more, for an evening of networking and inspiring talks. Our speakers will explore lifestyle topics, followed by an audience Q&A. Come along and join in the interactive conversation!

Follow the Facebook event for updates here.

6 – 6:30 pm: Networking
6:30 – 7:30 pm: Talks & Q&A
7:30 – 8 pm: Open mic session
8 – 9 pm: Drinks & more networking

Happy Strappy Co-founder Selcuk Aciner Founder Silvan Jongerius
Strong fitness cosmetics Founder Jennifer Lapidakis
Femna Co-founder Maxie Mathiessen

Do you have a project or early-stage startup focusing on health & lifestyle? After the talks, we host an open mic session, which is your chance to shine. Prepare for your one-minute pitch to share your ideas with our audience.


Online Marketing ist in der heutigen, internetbasierten Wirtschaft ein kaum noch weg-zudenkender Bestandteil. Egal ob SEO, Email-, Content- oder Social Media Marketing. Dieses Modul widmet sich einem aktuell sehr stark performenden Online Marketing Kanal – Facebook Ads. Nicht zuletzt ist dieser durch seine hervorragende Messbarkeit und Skalierbarkeit bei vielen Online Marketing Experten eine beliebte Methode. Die Kehrseite – Um Anzeigen weitreichend verteilen zu können, bedarf es an Marketing Budget. Bei nicht bedachtem Einsatz kann hier schnell viel Geld verschwendet werden. Daher ist es ratsam gleich zu Beginn wie ein oder sich einfach mit Profis an diese Methode heranzutasten.

Die Teilnehmer bekommen einen Rundgang durch alle essentiellen Funktionen des Facebook Werbeanzeigen Managers, Erläuterung relevanter Kennzahlen und der Einrichtung eines professionellem Kampagnen-Setups. Um den Vorteil dieses Online Marketing Kanals ideal nutzen zu können, unternehmen wir auch eine Einführung für Google Analytics. Mit den richtigen Anpassungen können hier wichtige Kennzahlen bezogen und zur Performance ausgewertet werden. Das Ziel des Moduls ist es, über ein solides Grundwissen des Performance Marketings mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Facebook Ads zu verfügen, sodass problemlos die erste(n) Kampagne(n) für den Live-Gang vorbereitet werden können.

Don’t hide – Shine! ? and win 20k €

The 11th edition of infoShare will take place on 17-19 May in Miasto Gdańsk.

Startups from across Europe are going to attend and try their luck to win the 1st prize of 20,000 € ?.

They will also have a chance to get up to 1 million € investment from the pool in one of the largest competitions for startups in Central and Eastern Europe.


Brilliant minds in the field of AI, like scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs, will spend the day discussing the stakes of Deep Learning and Machine Intelligence. 3 topics will guide panel debates, keynotes and open discussions throughout the day: State of Research (Breakthroughs, debates, future of development), Ethics, Risks & Opportunities (Civilizational impact, social responsibility and the value of AI) and Business Applications (how AI changes the way we work, consume & develop products). Participants will get a holistic picture of what is and will be possible from a technological perspective. Furthermore, they can address questions on how AI will impact our society and will understand the consequences self-learning algorithms will have for our professional and private life. Speakers include Ulrich Schmitz, managing director of Axel Springer Digital Ventures, and Scientist Prof. Christoph von der Malsburg.


Open innovation – a concept that involves capturing ideas in a collaborative hub and outsourcing development to a large group of people or a community – is revolutionising and rapidly transforming the business landscape in all sectors of our economy. This session will explore how ubiquitous connectivity – through the internet, smartphones and embedded sensors – is democratising invention and product development by opening them up to the masses, while consumer choices are greater than ever before. Businesses that fail to embrace open innovation risk being left behind.

We, CMS – with over 600 lawyers and tax advisors one of Germany’s leading commercial law firms, organise the event in cooperation with IMD, which is a top-ranked business school and an expert in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you the next big thing in Digital Health?

Come and meet us! Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin invites you to apply for our Berlin FastTrack on 26 May 2016 in cooperation with the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit.

What is a FastTrack?

Startupbootcamp FastTracks are high-intensity multi-city events where we invite You and your startup to come meet us on location. It is a short peek into the Startupbootcamp ecosystem, where You present Your startup to the accelerator team, In return you receive valuable feedback and advice from renowned industry mentors to support your growth. Places are limited, so please apply now.

During the event up to 10 cutting edge startups will have the chance to present their Digital Health venture and get feedback from a select group of expert mentors. This is a completely free event for startups and will give you a great chance to meet some really cool mentors, other startups and of course the Startupbootcamp team!

Your Mentors at Berlin FastTrack

Vishal Gulati, Venture Partner, Draper Esprit LLP

Dr. med. Kai Joachimsen, Pharma Expert and CEO Omniamed Holding


Min Sung Sean Kim, Partner at XLHealth Venture Firm

 Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Arnolds, Director Tech Transfer University Hospital Freiburg

Juliane Zielonka, Managing Director Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin

Your benefits:

  • Grasp valuable insights and feedback from our experts in the Healthcare industry and Digital Health
  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs from your city, working in Digital Health
  • Connect with investors
  • Increase your chance of being selected for the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin program. To know more about the program, click here.

Are there any questions left?

Please visit our website at
Or email us via, message us on Twitter via @sbcHealth

About Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin is a three-month accelerator program. Each selected team receives €15,000 in cash, free office space for up to 6 months at the amazing Rainmaking Loft in Berlin, hands-on mentorship from industry experts and exclusive support from our healthcare corporate partners. The Digital Health Accelerator is part of the Startupbootcamp global accelerator group. Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators, running 13 programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Miami, New York, Singapore, with a mentor and alumni network in over 30 countries. More than 300 startups have been accelerated by Startupbootcamp, of which 72% have received funding.

Apply here:


Tell Me a Story! Wie man mit Storytelling die Herzen der Kunden erobert. Webinar am 21. September 2016.

Keine andere Marketingdisziplin steht derzeit so im Mittelpunkt wie Content Marketing. Ein großer Bereich davon ist das Thema „Storytelling“. Darunter versteht man die Technik, wertvolle Informationen und Inhalte als informative Geschichten aufzubereiten und so den Kunden mit einem besonderen Mehrwert näherzubringen.

Gute Geschichten bleiben in Erinnerung, wecken positive Erlebnisse und finden bei der Zielgruppe deutlich besseres Gehör als plumpe Werbebotschaften.

Dieses Webinar richtet sich an Startups und Unternehmer, die die Grundlagen des Storytelling kennenlernen und anwenden möchten.

Twitter_1 Kopie.jpg

Keiner will, jeder muss: Die Buchhaltung erledigen! Aber ist das tatsächlich ein so großes Hexenwerk?

Hier kommt die frohe Botschaft: Die Basics der Buchführung kann (wirklich!) jeder Gründer lernen. Melde dich hier zu unserem kostenlosen Workshop an – und werde zum professionellen Finanzexperten.

In unserem Workshop erfährst du:

– … wie das deutsche Steuersystem für Gründer funktioniert
– … wie du Einkommensteuer und Umsatzsteuer berechnest
– … wie du eine korrekte Rechnung schreibst
– … was es mit Belegen & Quittungen auf sich hat
– … welche Ausgaben du wie von der Steuer absetzen kannst
– … u.v.m.

Nutz die Gelegenheit und werde deine Fragen los! Anmelden kannst du dich hier: 1 x 1 der Buchhaltung für Gründer

Wir freuen uns auf deine Teilnahme.

PS.: Für Getränke und Snacks ist natürlich gesorgt! 🙂


Gesucht werden innovative Ideen für die kommunale Energie-, Wasser-, Abfallwirtschaft und Telekommunikation

Startups, Gründer und junge Unternehmen sind eingeladen, sich bis zum 31.01.2017 mit ihren innovativen Produkten, Dienstleistungen und Prototypen rund um die Zukunftsthemen der kommunalen Energie-, Wasser-, Abfallwirtschaft und Telekommunikation für den 1. VKU Innovation Pitch 2017 zu bewerben.

Mehr Informationen zum Ablauf, den Teilnahmekriterien und Preisen des 1. VKU Innovation Pitch 2017 finden Sie unter:

Czech Your Talent is a commmon project of ABSL, Association of Business Service Leaders, CzechInvest, The Business and Investment Development Agency and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin. Its aim is to attract talents to get an interesting working experience in the Czech Republic within the sector of Business Shared Services and support this sector, which is considerably growing.

On 25th April 2017 in the venues of the Czech Embassy participants will have possibility to get to know more about life in the Czech Republic and about an actual situation on labour market. Business Shared Sevices sector will be presented to them with presence of representatives of several main companies of this sector in the Czech Republic – Johnson and Johnson, SAP, Siemens, AbInBev, Infosys and Accenture. All those companies are looking for your foreigners.  During a networking part of the event, students will have the chance to talk to company representatives and discuss job vacancies.

Scaling up? Ihr seid auf der Suche nach neuen digitalen Talenten? Ihr wollt euer Team weiterentwickeln und Mitarbeiter halten? Atomico’s Partner Dan Hynes – zuvor bei Google und Skype für Talente und Personal verantwortlich – teilt seine Erfahrungen und diskutiert mit euch.


Euer Unternehmen wächst schnell, ihr habt bereits ein erstes tolles Team aufgebaut und ein marktreifes Produkt entwickelt. Ihr habt erste Investments an Land gezogen und steht nun davor, zu expandieren… Bleibt die Frage: Wie stellt ihr das bloß an? Wie besteht ihr im Wettbewerb gegen globale Konzerne mit unlimitierten Budgets und gegen andere europäische early-stage Tech-Netzwerke?

In dieser Session wird Atomicos Partner Dan Hynes seine Ideen mit euch teilen und folgende Fragen und noch mehr diskutieren:

Wie baut ihr eine Recruiting-Engine, einen Trichter auf, um möglichst viel über die Kandidaten zu erfahren?

Wie baut ihr für neue Manager Leadership-Kompetenzen auf?

Wie geht ihr vor, wenn ihr ein zweites Büro oder ein Entwickler-Zentrum eröffnet?

Wie entwickelt ihr eure Organisation über die Zeit, um sicherzugehen, dass ihr gleichzeitig agil, aber auch abgestimmt vorgeht?

Wie setzt ihr datengetriebene HR als einen Wettbewerbsvorteil ein?

Welche Werkzeuge und Systeme solltet ihr zu welchem Zeitpunkt in Betracht ziehen?


Our HR dinner is an intimate gathering of human ressources manager to foster exchange of visions and ideas across the digital scene of Berlin.

For the third time, we are welcoming a handpicked list of guests for meaningful networking and conversations over finest cuisine with drinks in laid back atmosphere.

HR Dinner is an invite-only event. Applications are now open and advised to complete rather sooner than later as seats are limited to a total of 40 guests.

Location: TBA

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 54 14771 Potsdam

Machines are pretty good at playing chess and Go, driving cars, flying planes, doing math, managing wealth, trading stocks and so much more. What is left for humans to do? How will we compete with increasingly faster, smarter and more reliable machines? What is the purpose of mankind’s life?

With these questions in mind, I therefore invite you to our second Rise of AI – Human coexistence with Machines in Berlin. I have two amazing speakers for you and a solid guest list of investors, founders, CEOs and AI-interested people.

Get your Tickets here:

Your host – Fabian Westerheide – Introduction 2.0 to Rise of AI
I am an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a passion for Artificial Intelligence and our human future to the point of Singularity. Check out my blogAsgard or follow me on Twitter.

Speaker #1 – Dr. Anish Mohammed – Path to Singularity: How Authentic Are Thoughts?
Anish is a multi-disciplinarian who has worked as a medical doctor, bio-informatician and cryptographer. His research interests include AI and the ethics of AI. As a worthy Futurist, he is also a Singularity University alumnus. Follow him on Twitter.

Speaker #2 – Dr. Trent McConaghy – Reflections of a Recovering Bio-Narcissist on the Singularity (Or, Why Elon is Wrong)
Trent is an AI researcher, blockchain engineer, entrepreneur and global citizen. After completing his PhD in electrical engineering, he worked for the Canadian Department of National Defense. Thereafter, 12 years ago, he started his first AI company. Currently, he is the founder of ascribeSolido and BigchainDB. He has published several books, papers and holds 20 patents. Follow Trent on Twitter.

18:00 Registration and networking (you should come early)
19:00 Welcome & Introduction by your host Fabian Westerheide
19:20 Dr. Anish Mohammad
20:15 Dr. Trent McConaghy
21:15 Open end & discussions

Talk to the speakers & other guests
Rise of AI is more than just great talks by experienced speakers. It is about the people who share the same room, visions, passions and questions with you. After the talks, the speakers will be around for more personal questions. Take the opportunity to have great conversations with the other guests as well.

Organizational details
Affordable drinks can be purchased upstairs at the conference space, but we’re not sure if they serve food as well. Please eat before the event if you are hungry!

The innospace is not easy to find. You have to enter the Betahaus, walk trough the café and then take the stairs to the 4th floor. There should be some signs.

#RiseofAI is the official event hashtag – use it to share your thoughts and questions with @bootstrappingme @trentmc0 and @anishmohammed.

If you missed the first Rise of AI, you can watch the Youtube recordings here.


Dr. Anish Mohammed – Path to Singularity: How Authentic Are Thoughts?
This talk will examine medium term challenges of ethics, authenticity, and privacy leading towards the Singularity. It will cover design of ethical of algorithms, which might help create more generalised AGIs. It will take a peek at the possible path of brain computer interfaces. It will discuss questions about authenticity of thoughts, and privacy of thoughts, that arise even before we get to full silicon existence. It will quickly survey technologies needed to enable a world with the properties described above

Dr. Trent McConaghy – Reflections of a Recovering Bio-Narcissist on the Singularity (Or, Why Elon is Wrong)”
I will describe the current most likely singularity scenario (AI waking up), why that is, and the forces catalyzing it (e.g. Google’s biz plan). I will discuss the OpenAI approach of Elon Musk et al, its assumption (that we can actually regulate AI, or create friendly AI), why that assumption is mistaken, and therefore why it may actually be worse for humanity (catalyzes AI even more, without real protection on the downsides). Then I will talk about ways to frame what “humanity” actually is, and why our bio selves are not the essence of humanity, why it’s rather the patterns of intelligence. In other words, it’s the software not the substrate. I will point to 100 years in the future where no matter the route, the majority of intelligent entities will be thought patterns on silicon; and how “AI waking up” is only one path, and how that actually could be framed as a next evolution of “humanity”, albeit not that palatable to us because our personal thought patterns don’t continue. I will describe a couple other singularity scenarios that *do* preserve our thought patterns and which are therefore more happy scenarios: the Em scenario, and the BW++ scenario. I will describe the state of the art of tech behind each, and what we can do to give a better chance to one of these scenarios happening.



The Legal Side of the Story: How to Successfully Manage VC Financing

For a growing startup, securing venture capital remains one of the most challenging topics in their growth strategy. While the period of raising is often slow and hard for entrepreneurs, the time of closing the contract represents the final climax of the financing round that wants to be well prepared.

Our guest of today is Claas Hohlweger, lawyer at the law firm V14 Vogel Heerma Waitz which was announced “Law Firm of the year for Private Equity / Venture Capital” by JUVE in 2015. V14 is based in Berlin and focused on growth capital, technology and media. Their impressive portfolio includes the following clients and recent transactions: Cherry Ventures, Earlybird, Peppermint, Movinga (advising Earlybird on financing round), Kreditech (financing round), smava (financing round), 6 Wunderkinder (advising Earlybird on exit to Microsoft), Moviepilot (exit to Webedia), SalonMeister (exit to Wahanda).

Claas will answer everything a startup needs to know about the legal side of funding and financing including:

• What are the different strategies in VC financing?

• Which are the tricky details a founder should pay attention to?

• What kind of documents are to be expected in a VC Deal and what are their key concepts?

• How do I avoid mistakes?

• Agenda:

• 18:30 Doors open

• 19:00 Presentation by Claas Hohlweger

• 20:00 Q&A and Networking

As always, there will be free pizza & beer during the networking.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on Thursday, September 22 at EIT Digital Berlin!

Our speaker:

Claas Hohlweger is a fully qualified German lawyer admitted since 2013. He studied law in Cologne, Amsterdam and Berlin. Before joining Vogel Heerma Waitz in mid-2015, Claas worked with Weitnauer. His focus is on advising start-ups and investors covering the entire lifecycle of growing businesses, from founding through financing to exit.


Das Beste kommt wie immer zum Schluss

Getreu diesem Motto serviert Gründerszene zum Jahresende wieder ein echtes Event-Highlight: Am 15.12. wollen wir im Rahmen einer Weihnachts-Ausgabe der Spätschicht gemeinsam mit euch die Höhepunkte von 2016 Revue passieren lassen, Erfolge feierlich begießen und Niederlagen beim ein oder anderen Drink vergessen. Im Anschluss daran folgt unsere große Gründerszene X-Mas-Party.


Apply now!

Join our CEO Ian Lucey for a chat at WeWork Hackescher Markt on April 6th.

Ian will share hints on how to manage finance, get funding and what is the first thing entrepreneurs should do when founding a startup. You can ask him any questions about building your own company, get a consultation from founder of a fund that invested in 100+ companies.


Work with the market leaders on the future of beauty!

Here we go, the BeautyThon enters the next round und expands its concept! Exciting keynotes and market leaders from the beauty, startup and tech industry are waiting for you in order to help you to realise your ideas. We want to give you a platform in order to develop the next innovation for the beauty industry.

Be a part of the beauty industry!
No matter if you already have previous knowledge or experiences in the beauty / fashion business or in entrepreneurship at all, we want YOU as a participant at the BeautyThon. The participation is totally independent from what you would normally be doing. The only important thing is, that you are interested in realizing your own ideas and have an intuition for beauty, tech or entrepreneurship.

This year, two whole days full of workshops, coachings and teamwork are waiting for you at the beautytech hackathon. The keynote speakers are; Boris Radke, Head of Corporate Communications from Zalando, co-founder and CEO Florian Spathelf from, blogger Swantje Bergmann from TOC as well as co-founder Karolin Hewelt from RCKT. At the end of the event, a jury existing of representatives from Schwan Cosmetics, Rocket Internet and others will evaluate the results of the teams. The winning team will get the unique opportunity to further develop their idea with the help of Schwan Cosmetics as well as more workshops and a startup-starter-kit!

Are you interested? – Send us an application with your name, age, occupation and answers to the questions “What is your connection to BeautyTech?” and “Why should we admit you?” via e-mail: The slots are limited.

The Open Pitch Night on Saturday 24th June, starts at 4.30 pm and is open for all interested guests. Before the teams are pitching their innovations there will be a panel discussion with the motto „Challenge the Beast Inside the Beauty – How to Empower Customers”. Afterwards the teams will present their results and the winner will be determined.

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