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This is our capstone event where our students pitch demo day style to find a job they love after immersing themselves in learning digital skills. If you’re looking to hire top talent in Berlin then you have to be here! The event starts with a panel on “Why people make all the difference and why the success on a company depends on the right people” with Niklas Östberg – CEO of Delivery Hero, Martina Weiner – COO I-potentials and Hugo Suidman of Startup Institute.


1 day, 2 cities, 20+ startup stars: industry leaders, investors, and maybe even your future co-founder — Register Now For FREE Entry

Berlin, On April 8, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, the official representative of Hungarian culture in Berlin, joint with the SM Conference Series brings on SMartUP! Berlin-Budapest (, an experimental conference and a virtual bridge between the startup scenes of the two European capitals. By connecting the venues of the conferences, id. streaming keynotes from and to the SM2015 leading CEE mobile/startup conference SM 2015 ( in Budapest, the organizers aim to create knowledge transfer.

The Berlin and the Budapest scenes share many features, yet their startup ecosystems may be very different. Definitely abundant in creative energy, both scenes have their unique investment culture, company culture, and views on market potentials. Let us see, if the two communities can learn from each other and if Silicon Alley can have a longer stretch!

The program of the Berlin meetup, put together under the curation of hub:raum and T-Labs, is now . We will hear stories from both scenes and views from elsewhere from authentic representatives of Berlin and Budapest based startups (Prezi, GetYourGuide, Flimmer, BorStore, Silicon Allee, etc.) and investors as well as about outreach programs making the B-ties even stronger.

The main topics of the Berlin conference are the following:

Berlin-Budapest Bridge

With a stronger-than-ever performer base, we are looking for an answer to the question ‘How can international partner connections be set up?’ and ‘How can prevalence be reached in the global market?’. We introduce Hungary and Berlin based startups with regards to already existing and possible connections between the two scenes.

Company Culture

Company culture means everything for a startup. It can affect the talent they attract, the customer base they work with, their brand reputation, and even their product itself. The multinational tech giants from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley (Berlin) have struggled with creating company culture for years, but what about fledgling startups?

Investment Trends

There are two big forces driving change in startup funding: it’s becoming cheaper to start a startup, and startups are becoming a more normal thing to do. But, how is it done differently in Berlin and Budapest and what does it mean for investors?

Art Connections

Art and startups share two passions: sharing and creativity; however, they profit quite differently from these objectives. While financing such collaborative, project-based works, which avoid narrow categorization, through means other than public funding for art promotion has become difficult, startups continue to successfully collect large amounts of venture capital. How can we understand, describe, critique and perhaps overcome this unequal relationship between art and startups?

If you have a topic relating to bringing the two scenes together, do contact us.

Attendance is free, register for the conference at our website:

Du hast Fragen zu deiner Buchhaltung?

Unser Buchhaltungsexperte steht dir gerne zur Verfügung und hilft dir, etwas Licht in das Chaos zu bringen.

Sichere dir einen Termin und komm einfach in unserem Berliner Büro vorbei. Du findest uns im Prenzlauer Berg in der Choriner Str. 34.

Und das Beste: Das Ganze ist kostenlos.

Weitere Informationen findest du auf unserer Homepage.

Social Media Picture_Event_Berlin_16 April 2015.jpg

There hasn’t been an event like this in the history of the Berlin startup scene. Emerging and active female entrepreneurs as well as their supporters talk about sexuality, mindset, and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about perspective. Who you are, what you think, your personal habits and beliefs can determine the results you get. 80% of your success is your entrepreneurial mindset. Therefore, it is determined by the right kind of confidence. “This kind of confidence is the anchored self-assurance that comes when you are at peace with yourself and the basic stuff of life: love, authenticity, and acceptance of your place in the world” says G. Richard Shell, the author of Springboard, the business book of the year.  

Get ready! This evening you will meet successful entrepreneurs with the right kind of confidence. Plus, our invited coach will give you tips on how you can get there.  

The detailed program and tickets on Eventbrite:


Startup Safary Berlin :: : 6th to 8th May 2015

Startup Safary Berlin is a three days event of open doors to the start-up ecosystem. Attendees visit start-ups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces. They meet the founders, investors and their teams and participate in workshops, office tours, parties, networking, recruiting sessions and free office hours with experts.

Startup Safary is a unique opportunity to meet those behind the most contemporary entrepreneurial ideas and network with all those who make up a part of the international start-up ecosystem. The format was created in Berlin and celebrating its 4th Berlin edition this year. It started with 1,000 participants and now became one of the highlights of Berlin Web Week. This year’s edition is awaiting over 2,000 attendees.

SAP Innovation Center Network is hosting the official start-up breakfast. Find more partners and start-ups at the official Facebook event:

Attendees can catch their tickets now and create their personal schedule for the event at


Der Next Economy Award (NEA) ist der neue Preis für grüne Gründer. Die erste nationale Spitzenauszeichnung für nachhaltigkeitsorientierte Startups wird in diesem Jahr ins Leben gerufen von der Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis in Zusammenarbeit mit der Bundesregierung, dem Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung und dem Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK). Sie prämiert in verschiedenen Themenfeldern Gründer, die die „nächste“, die nachhaltigere Wirtschaft mitgestalten wollen und auf die Green Economy setzen.

Vom 4. Mai bis 31. Juli 2015 können sich Gründerinnen und Gründer bewerben, die mit ihrem auf wirtschaftlichen Erfolg angelegten Geschäftsmodell Antworten auf die wichtigen sozialen und ökologischen Fragen unserer Zeit geben. Auch Sozialunternehmen sind im Wettbewerb willkommen. Teilnehmen können alle in den letzten drei Jahren in Deutschland gegründeten Unternehmen.

Am 26. November 2015 entscheidet die NEA-Jury nach einem Live-Pitch über die Sieger. Die Preise werden im Anschluss daran in einer eigenen Preisverleihung im Düsseldorfer MARITIM Hotel vergeben.

Weitere Informationen zur Teilnahme finden Sie unter

InnoZ, Torgauer Straße 12-15, 10829 Berlin (EUREF CAMPUS)

“4th Berlin Future Mobility Meetup”

– New services for future mobility –

How will the future of mobility be affected by new digital services, as well as mobility solutions? Where and how do these two worlds meet and how will the end user benefit from these changes? This dialogue and more will be part of our next meetup consisting of startup pitches by Modalyzer, Allyapp, eMio, SinCO2 and a panel discussions with representatives from Daimler, IBM Allyapp and Hubject.

The event will conclude with a networking session with BBQ and beer.

More information and registration at :


Want to know more about Design Thinking? Block your calendar for our special Founders’ Pit Stop in cooperation with SAP.

Design Thinking – the buzzword that stands for both the process and mindset to creating truly human centered innovations, new ways of working and solving various problems in a creative and collaborative environment – is what we want to focus on in our next Founders Pit Stop. Together with experts from SAP and the Berliner Ideenlabor (, we will give you a hands-on introduction to Design Thinking that you can easily take along to your own projects!


  • 18:00: Registration
  • 18:30: Welcome and introduction to EIT Digital and the Idea Challenge – Dominik Krabbe, Innovation Manager, EIT Digital
  • 18:45: Design Thinking in a nutshell – Pascal Ackershott, Co-Founder, Berliner Ideenlabor
  • 20:15: Design Thinking in Practice – Thomas Thome, Designer and Design Thinking Coach, SAP
  • 20:30: Networking & Get-together

Speaker: Pascal Ackerschott is co-founder of the creative- and innovation agency ‘Berliner Ideenlabor’ and lecturer at the ‘Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin’. After his studies in Cologne and Berlin – with stops in UK and Sweden – the alumni of the HPI School of Design Thinking Potsdam is now helping organizations to develop their creative potential, facilitates innovation processes and supports Design Thinking novices in business and academics.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Commonly, exponential growth means explosive growth, it means that things increase in an uncontrolled way. This intuitive understanding comes from examples we know from biology: Bacteria exhibit exponential growth under optimal conditions. As a consequence the term „exponential“ often has a disquieting connotation.

When it comes to the significance of exponential growth for human activities we need to talk about accelerating technological change. In the technological arena accelerating change means an increase in technological (and often also social and cultural) progress throughout history, which may suggest a faster and more profound change in the future. 10.000 years of progress – at today’s pace – will now be experienced in just 50 years due to the exponential rate of change. 

Futurists like Ray Kurzweil have created the notion of a technological singularity and a scenario for the future: Accelerating change will lead to artificial intelligence that exceeds human intelligence. By 2015, a $1000 computer will have the same calculation power per second as the brain of a mouse. 2023 will see it equal to the power of human brain. In 2045 it will be equate to the power of ALL human brains combined. Similar exponential developments await us in the areas of robotics, nanotechnology or synthetic biology.

We want to explore where and how exponential change happens and what it will lead to. Which future will exponential change create for us? What are the implications these advances will have on society? What is the future role of humans in this brave new world? Is there a limit for exponential growth?

Join us at TEDxBerlin!

We are Visual Meta, an innovative Berlin-based internet company, which has grown to over 200 employees since its foundation in 2009. And we’re still growing at relentless pace. We run online shopping portals in 19 countries across three continents under the brands,, and

Our fast growth also challenged our IT department in scaling the IT operations. Marco, our Head of Backend Engineering, and Wesley, one of our Backend Engineers, will describe what kind of challenges we have been facing at Visual Meta and how using git flow and Hadoop helped to solve them.


  • 6pm – Welcome drinks
  • 6:30-6:35pm – Welcome address – by Founder and Managing Director Johannes Schaback (CTO)
  • 6:35-7:00pm – Wesley Connor, Backend Engineer, talks about how to use git flow to scale your IT
  • 7:00-7:30pm – Marco Kunze, Head of Backend Engineering, talks about the what kind of problems we were tackling at VM and how to use Hadoop to solve them
  • 7:30-10pm – Snacks and drinks on the rooftop terrace

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Am 20. und 21. November 2015 findet das 5. Viadrina Kulturmanagement Symposium statt, welches sich dem spannenden Thema „Cultural Entrepreneurship – Gründen in der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft“ widmet. Die Professur für Kulturmanagement unter der Leitung von Frau Prof. Dr. Hausmann hat dazu mit ihrem diesjährigen Kooperationspartner .garage berlin GmbH ein abwechslungsreiches zweitägiges Rahmenprogramm entwickelt.

Die Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft ist ein attraktiver, aufstrebender Wirtschaftszweig, der sich u.a. durch zahlreiche Neugründungen auszeichnet. Doch worin bestehen die Herausforderungen und Schwierigkeiten, denen sich insbesondere Cultural Entrepreneurs gegenüber sehen? Dazu referieren renommierte Expertinnen und Experten aus Wissenschaft und Praxis und widmen sich hierbei besonders den Aspekten Finanzierung, Förderung, Marketing und Netzwerkmanagement. Zudem wird es drei interaktive Workshops geben sowie einen Cultural Entrepreneurship-Talk mit Kultur- und Kreativschaffenden, die bereits erfolgreich gegründet haben.

Die Veranstaltung wird an der Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) sowie in der .garage berlin GmbH in Berlin durchgeführt. Zur Teilnahme eingeladen sind insbesondere Gründerinnen und Gründer, Gründungsinteressierte, Akteure aus der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft sowie Studierende und sonstige Interessierte.

Das Viadrina Kulturmanagement Symposium wird seit 2007 alle zwei Jahre von der Professur für Kulturmanagement unter der Leitung von Frau Prof. Dr. Hausmann und in Kooperation mit namhaften Kultureinrichtungen (u.a. Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Berlinische Galerie) durchgeführt.

Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
Professur für Kulturmanagement
Große Scharrnstraße 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Hausmann – Projektleitung
Anne Heinze, M.A. – Projektkoordination


Das junge Berliner Start-Up Trenkle Foods, bestehend aus Dennis Lüdke und Hanna Trenkle, stellt seine Arbeit und sein Produkt Plantwich vor und berichtet von Erfahrungen, Herausforderungen und Erfolgen.

Aus Gründen der Nachhaltigkeit und aus eigener Überzeugung verwendet Trenkle für die Herstellung der Plantwiches ausschließlich Bio¬Zutaten.

Die beiden Gründer möchten von Anfang an Verantwortung übernehmen und planen daher, eng mit gemeinnützigen Organisationen zusammenzuarbeiten.

Im Anschluss an die Veranstaltung kann der Austausch weitergehen, mit ein paar Drinks an der Bar oder bei einem tollen veganen Buffet in unserem Restaurant Amaranth.

Beginn: 19 Uhr, freier Eintritt

20 Uhr: Veganes Buffet und offene Gesprächsrunde


The young Berlin start-up Trenkle Foods, Founded by Dennis Lüdke and Hanna Trenkle, will be presenting their work and their product Plantwich while talking about their experiences, challenges and achievements.

For sustainability reasons and out of conviction Trenkle only uses organic ingredients for the production of Plantwich.

Both founders want to take social responsibility from the beginning and are therefore planning on cooperating closely with charity organizations.

After the talk you can go on discussing while having some drinks at the bar or attend a fabulous vegan buffet in our restaurant Amaranth.

Beginning: 7 pm, free entrance
8pm: Vegan buffet and open conversation


OVH ist mit seiner World Tour am 15.Oktober zu Gast in Berlin. Bei der Veranstaltung stellen Experten von OVH in Vorträgen und Workshops praxisnahe Lösungen vor. Neben OpenStack, Docker und Big Data steht dabei vor allem die innovative Hybrid Cloud-Technologie im Vordergrund. Im Best-Practice-Teil erklärt Villeroy & Boch, wie ihr E-Business-Modell in die Hybrid Cloud-Technologie migriert wurde.
Des Weiteren referiert das erfolgreiche Startup LiquidM über mobile marketing-Lösungen und zeigt wie ihre Kunden damit die Reichweite ihrer Kampagnen maximieren können.
Darüber hinaus sprechen CEO Laurent Allard und Director Germany Peter Höhn in der Keynote über ihre Visionen für OVH. Laurent Allard steht im VIP-Bereich für Fragen zur Verfügung.


3D Mapping is used in big companies. The purposes differ from Big Data visualisation to robotic navigation. Only a few information is available to the public, so the meetup on 13. October at 19:00 is a unique opportunity to look into the current state of 3D mapping development.

Three Fintech startups from the Berlin scene will tell us more about their innovative products and how they will change the financial world.

EIT Digital Berlin Node Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin
Register to the “FI-PPP Info Day Berlin“ and discover new possibilities defined specially for you.
Join innovative and ICT interested people, to learn and discuss about opportunities and ways to promote your ideas and projects!
The event introduces the FIWARE platform and other innovative technologies of the FI-PPP program, including the FIWARE Accelerators, a solution developed for SMEs and start-ups that are interested in developing innovative applications based on Future Internet (FI) technologies. Different offers for promotion and financial support will be introduced. In addition, the FIWARE business support actions will be presented, explaining how it can help start-ups and SMEs, to develop a business strategy and to access investment capital, as well as customers.
Finally, there will be a live demonstration of “FIWARE Labs“ which will provide a first impression of the technology.
Don´t miss this opportunity to learn how you can make your ideas and projects come true!

The EU-Startups Conference is the perfect event for startups and investors that are aiming to enter multiple European markets or global markets from within Europe. We will have fireside chats with 3 internationally successful founders/CEOs out of the Internet space, a panel discussion with Europe’s leading startup accelerators and an exciting pitch competition with 15 startup teams.


Following up on the successful first edition in 2014, EIT Digital once again brings together cutting-edge European innovation, leading industrial players and a vibrant startup-scene in the field of Smart Energy Systems for a unique event. We invite you to a day packed with gripping keynotes on entrepreneurship and innovation, the final pitches of the pan-European startup competition “Idea Challenge” and insights into the machine room of Smart Energy innovation.


Three reasons why you should not miss this event:

  1. Meet known and promising new Smart Energy start-ups
    During the event selected start-ups will present their products and services on a special start-up fair. You will have the chance to learn about the latest innovations and the bright minds behind them in an informal and open setting. Visit the exhibition at your own leisure and get inspired by some of the best Smart Energy start-ups in Europe.
  2. Be part of the EIT Digital Idea Challenge pitch event and award ceremony
    The “Idea Challenge” is an EU-wide contest for the startups in digital technology. The competition focuses on the eight most important digital trends, which are also in line with the Innovation Areas of EIT Digital: Health & Wellbeing, Smart Spaces, Cyber-Physical Systems, Future Cloud, Cyber Security and Privacy, Internet of Things, Urban Life and Mobility and Smart Energy Systems. See the top 10 Smart Energy startups compete for up to 40.000€ in prize money and access to EIT Digitals pan-European innovation network.
  3. Become part of the Smart Energy Community
    Last year we set out to foster a new Smart Energy Community in making various players interact: large corporates, startups, researchers, students, investors, as well as politicians and regulators. Our ultimate goal is to stimulate European innovation and business creation within the field of Smart Energy. Join this vibrant and growing community, to exchange ideas, visions and business cards at our community event.

Deutsche Bahn is looking for startups that could support our infrastructure with fresh ideas for business models, technologies …

DB will support 4 startups with 25k each for three months to showcase wheather their ideas, concepts and technologies would work for Deutsche Bahn. During that time we offer office space in our new lab (mindbox), mentoring etc. It is mandantory to spend most of the time in Berlin during that three months. After a positive showcase a follow up is possible to implement the soulution at Deutsche Bahn.

Find some information here:

Deadline to apply for the 2nd Batch is the 4th November.


Open innovation – a concept that involves capturing ideas in a collaborative hub and outsourcing development to a large group of people or a community – is revolutionising and rapidly transforming the business landscape in all sectors of our economy. This session will explore how ubiquitous connectivity – through the internet, smartphones and embedded sensors – is democratising invention and product development by opening them up to the masses, while consumer choices are greater than ever before. Businesses that fail to embrace open innovation risk being left behind.

We, CMS – with over 600 lawyers and tax advisors one of Germany’s leading commercial law firms, organise the event in cooperation with IMD, which is a top-ranked business school and an expert in developing global leaders through high-impact executive education.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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