Elisenstraße 5, 12169 Berlin, Germany

Please do your application at http://www.passende-leute.de and see at: https://www.absatzring.de. Our B2B Liquidity Network has at first DACH as market.

Craft Exchange is an online marketplace for craft beverages. That includes beer, spirits, wine, coffee and soft drinks. “Craft” stands for small, independent manufacturers who mainly operate locally.

Werner-Eckert-Straße 2, 81829 München, Germany

Unser unternehmen ist ein ehrgeiziges junges projekt, das sich dem glücksspiel widmet. Der schwerpunkt unserer website liegt auf online-casino-bewertungen in Deutschland. Promotionen, boni, registrierungsbedingungen – alle relevanten Informationen finden sie auf unserer website.

Besucher unserer Website können außerdem verschiedene Glücksspiele kostenlos und ohne Registrierung spielen. Spielautomaten, roulette, video poker – das alles und noch viel mehr erwarten sie!

I’m looking for a co-founder with a Business Development Profile for a Music on an early stage with MVP, ready to pitch for investment. 
If you want to change the music industry, send me a line at jrojas@mutees.com

Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Got the clinical partners / data, now I’m looking for an excellent ML Engineer to join me saving real human lives!

Berlin, Germany
Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Looking forward a tech background partner to disrupt the Art world. Web and/or app MVP project for fund raising. Stealth mode.

Let’s discuss!

Berlin, Germany

– Blockchain based cryptocurrencies can not meet the expectations of a true replacement for ordinary money, because they don’t scale well.
– Ethereums Turing complete language is not verifiable, which opens the door for hacks and flawed programs. A disaster when it comes to legal contracts.
– People tend to loose their private keys and therefore their coins. It is estimated that currently over 15% of Bitcoins are just lost forever.
– The price of all cryptocurrencies changes dramatically over time, which makes it unusable for payments. Especially in small and micro payments.

I’m looking for a cofounder to develop “yet another Cryptocoin” which deals with these flaws on a fundamental level. The tech already exist and we “only” have to put it together. Sure, there are currencies out there, which deal with some of these problem, but we have actual no protocol that handles them all.

I need:

– Entrepreneur type of personality
– Experience in fund raising
– Experience in building a start-up from scratch
– Knows the legal stuff
– Live or work in Berlin/Germany
– Know how to get customers and contractors

You get:

– A vision that serves a purpose (a currency that scales, is fast, without transaction fees, with a powerful internal scripting language, that comes without the value fluctuations of actual currencies)
– A mathematician, who knows how to realize that vision, because I have all the building blocks at hand.
– A cryptographer who has studied the Math behind cryptocurrencies for years

Thinks to consider:

– Building a decentralized currency protocol does not mean, we have a product to sell. The protocol has to be open source and free to be successful. The profit comes from the advantage of the early investor, who gains from the (inevitable) pyramid effect that happens in the early stage after the launch and then later gets more end more flattened out.

– A successful protocol can the lead to products and customers of course. Many companies in the FinTech business and around the Internet of things are just waiting for a usable cryprocurrency without transaction fees and a constant price.


Unser Vision:

Die Digitalisierung von personal Healthcare grundlegend vereinfachen.


Patentierte Technologie die Schlafgewohnheiten von Babys analysiert und dadurch den Eltern mehr Schlaf ermöglicht.


Dynamischer eHealth und mHealth Markt mit viel Potenzial. Produkt muss optimal an Bedürfnisse der Eltern angepasst sein.


Junge Eltern mit Begeisterung für neue Technologie und hohen Ansprüchen an Qualität und Sicherheit.


Du hast Spaß daran kreativ und mit großem Engagement zu arbeiten? Du hast Interesse an Produkten des personal Healthcare? Du hast einen BWL- bzw. Marketing-Hintergrund oder fühlst dich im Produktdesign zu Hause? Dann melde Dich bei uns und gestalte die nächste Generation von smart parenting devices.



Wir haben die Vision mit innovativer Hard- und Software die Digitalisierung von personal Healthcare für alle Nutzer zu vereinfachen. Mit der baby-matte können wir unsere wissenschaftlich erarbeiten Vorteile optimal, sicher und zuverlässig Nutzen. In diesen neuen Markt des smart parenting steigen wir mit viel Kreativität und Motivation ein.

Wir sind ein Catering Unternehmen aus Hamburg, das nach Berlin expandieren möchte. Wir suchen dafür einen Partner der den Matteintritt in Berlin durchführt. Bestenfalls als selbstständiger Unternehmer. Wir fungieren dementsprechend als Lizenzgeber, mit Know How, Kontakten, Software, Catering Katalog uvm. wir freuen uns von dir zu hören!

1st Logo_Market DNA_hellblau & Gelb.jpg

market DNA is a community-based online market place for B2B market research, where market specialists can connect and collaborate with business decision makers.

  • Market specialists gain market insights as active community member and can provide consulting services
  • Business decision makers obtain market insights in the most efficient way possible

We are building AI and Advanced Analytics to democratize B2B market research. Our proposition is the first of its kind and will disrupt the B2B market research industry. We are on the pre-seed level and just finalized the business model and planning. We are in discussions with two leading European VC investors and expect to cut a deal by December 2017.


Job summary

 Are you intrigued by the advances in AI? Are you excited by the opportunity to develop a company’s technological backbone from the ground up? If so, we cannot wait to hear from you. Our start-up needs a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) who can provide technical leadership and training for the company. We are looking for a partner than an employee. The ideal applicant will be highly ambitious, have an organized and creative mindset that drives him or her to find innovative solutions to facilitate business decision making. If you also have a background in building marketplace platform(s) based on AI, we want to hear from you.



 Design, develop and deploy innovative solutions to solve technical problems

  • Closely collaborate with Product Managers to establish technical requirements
  • Make sure our applications solve the business problems and set high-quality standards
  • Share your experiences with the team and provide technical guidance when needed
  • Managing vendors, negotiating deliverables and realizing deliveries
  • Oversee all system design and changes in system architecture



  • You should not only be familiar but highly passionate about Machine Learning and AI
  • You hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or similar
  • You have 6+ years of experience in leading development teams
  • You set up initial IT architectures and supported venture developers in selecting and developing the most suitable data infrastructure and technology
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written and with tech and non-tech audiences
  • Strong understanding of budgets and business-planning
  • Experience working in agile and fast paced teams
  • Proven development experience with JavaScript, jQuery, React, Redux, PHP, Python or GO, SQL, NoSQL
  • Devops experience (AWS, CI, Varnish, Memcache, Redis)



 Participate in building a future market champion from the scratch and

  • Join a high performing founding team with management consulting background
  • Highly dynamic and creative work environment
  • Attractive ownership stake beyond market average



Market DNA believes that “employees make the company”

Berlin, Germany





Winterfeldtstraße 21, Berlin, Germany

Hi! A billion people spend an hour every day on public transport … and they hate it. We make public transport social by enabling communication between traveling/waiting passengers.

WaitList is a social network for people who find themselves in the same space for 20-40 minutes so that they can start creating value together. We are starting with airports (working with 4 big European airports, who will also provide first funding) but will expand to all areas of public transport.



I am seeking a co-founding partner for a new and unique tour company concept. The project is ready to launch at the start of November.

I have developed a unique concept for an intimate Berlin tour covering Berlin’s cultural development from the 1920s till now- Bascially the ultimate Berlin experience- some of the topics covered include Queer culture and history, The Weimer Republic, The impact of the Berlin wall on Berlin Culture, Eco-culture/ Sustainibility and Berlin today – all these themes covered with curated special Berlin locations.

There are no other tours on the market with the branding concept that I have in mind and I see there is a huge demand in the market for a tasteful and unique Berlin experience that gives one a well rounded impression.

I am looking for someone who:


Speaks Fluent German and English
Is passionate about Berlin and Berlin culture
Is Organised
Has skills in marketing
Handles accounting and administration such as creating schedules/ managing bookings

benefits –
Sizeable share in the project
Small and fast growing team
Concept, business model and marketing already developed

Ideally as well as these skills you would feel confident and enjoy leading the tour yourself and passionate about the content.


The project would begin as a mutual investment and I have developed a business model in which income is expected to be generated within a few weeks.

If this has sparked your curiosity please be in touch and I will give you more details for how this tour/ brand concept differs to what is already on the market.


Please bear in mind the website is still a work in progress.


Business Co-Founder for B2B Data Startup

KIWI – Business Insights, at the right time to the right people

https://www.kiwimydata.com is a 10-month old B2B Startup located in Berlin. We are rethinking how companies, teams and people work and engage with corporate data (insights) in times of push notifications, slack communication and increasing amounts of data.

So far we have attracted around 400 companies (including Nike Technologies, Spotify, Walmart and many smaller ones) world-wide, mainly through our Slack and Tableau Integration. See it working: https://slack.com/apps/A3S6N33JA-kiwi

We’ve started to test our MVP lately: It’s an automated data monitoring engine that constantly runs (configurable) data algorithms on company’s sales, marketing or whatever data => looking for relevant KPI insights. Once something is found we process that, mainly as a Slack Bot message: e.g. “Your revenue for Kiwis went up by 90% compared to last week – See Details (and a little chart attached)”.

Our main challenge is to engage / communicate with our Sign-Ups at scale (using Intercom). We need to improve onboarding, explain existing use-cases (create content) and ask-for respectively process customer’s feedback (many calls 🙂 Besides, you should be thrilled to explore / understand customers needs with Business Intelligence and able to abstract that to the Kiwi solution and mid-term product vision.

You should: – have good communications skills – a visionary mindset – be willing to learn new stuff daily and – work hard / independently.

This addresses but is not limited to business economists! Data geeks and inspirational people are always welcome 🙂

We are 100% bootstrapped and intend to stay that for another couple of month until first revenue comes in!

The Kiwi Team


Interested? Contact: carsten@kiwimydata.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/meyercarsten/

P.s. We can start anytime with a simple freelance contract and convert that to shares!

Berlin, Germany

Normale Forstinvestments haben eine lange laufzeit, ein hohes Risiko und eine geringe Rendite.
Das sind alles Ausschlußkriterien für Großinvestoren.

Mit unserem Geschäftsmodell werden Forstwirtschaftsinvestments auch für Großinvestoren interessant. Somit soll es weltweit viele Nachfolgeprojekte geben, die dann einen wirklichen Beitrag gegen die Klimaerwärmung ausmachen.

Das dazu nötige Geschäftsmodell und praktische Erfahrung liegen vor. Auch erste Partner wurden bereits gefunden.

Jetzt suche ich weitere Partner / Angestellte, welche bei einer Bewerbung bei Climate-Cik mit in die Startup-Mannschaft gehen.



Forexfix ist ein junges und innovatives B2B Fintech Startup in Berlin-Mitte. Wir helfen internationalen KMU ihre Währungsrisiken einfach und schnell abzusichern. Dabei nutzen wir modernste Technologien und digitalisieren Unternehmensprozesse. Wir sehen uns als moderne Alternative zu Banken. Proof of Concept ist erbracht und Finanzierung gesichert – nun brauchen wir noch Dich als unseren CMO!

Deine Aufgaben

Wir suchen einen ambitionierten Mitstreiter, der als Co-Gründer mit dem CEO und dem CTO Marketing und Vertrieb aufbaut – eine interessante und herausfordernde Aufgabe:

  • Weiterentwicklung unserer Vertriebsstrategie
  • Konzeption und Durchführung von Marketing-Maßnahmen
  • Ansprache, Akquise und Betreuung von Geschäftskunden
  • Identifikation und Ansprache von Vertriebspartnern
  • Aufbau und Führung eines Sales-Teams

Dein Profil

  • B2B Vertriebs-Erfahrung
  • Überzeugendes Auftreten bei Geschäftskunden
  • Affinität zu Finanzen
  • Standort Berlin
  • Sehr gute deutsche und mindestens gute englische Sprachkenntnisse
  • Lust etwas aufzubauen und mitzugestalten


  • Hohe Selbstmotivation und Lernfähigkeit
  • Startup-Erfahrung
  • Führungserfahrung
  • Unternehmerischer Spirit

Unser Angebot

  • Du wirst Teil eines jungen Fintech und hast die Chance mit dem Erfolg des Unternehmens zu wachsen
  • Du erlebst eine Startup Mentalität und profitierst von einer steilen Lernkurve
  • Du wirst gleichberechtigtes Mitglied des Gründerteams
  • Unternehmensanteile

Meld’ Dich! Wir freuen uns. 🙂

Robert und Gerhard

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